Inmetur is an Innovation Centre for Marketing in the Tourism Industry. Although we are specialised in the tourism sector, we have also tackled research topics in other fields. 

As an Innovation Centre we belong to ESIC Business and Marketing School Valencia, a business school specialised in marketing and endorsed by Miguel Hernández University. 

This Innovation Centre aims at achieving the integration of the trinomial (society_university_company) for several reasons, among others, that university should prioritize knowledge generation, as knowledge is a result of past experiences, expert theories, conclusions and synergies of intercollegiate work, both nationally and internationally, that can contribute to the advance in this field, etc. In order to achieve this integration it is necessary for us, as a University (and as researchers), to keep a close watch on both business and society, to work with companies and train their future human capital.

ESIC is a Business School that has always stayed close to business. This is a distinguishing element compared to many universities. Moreover, as an academic research center it is the perfect place where feedback on knowledge, both generated and applied, should work.

Inmetur consists of teachers who are at the same time researchers and experts in European Projects, with similar interdisciplinary profiles. All team members have worked in companies in various positions of responsibility  or as executives in different areas.


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